Amazon AXS-C01 dumps

Amazon AXS-C01 Dumps

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Amazon AXS-C01 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An Alexa Skill Builder submitted a child-directed skill for certification that lists the nearestskateboard parks.The Builder ensured that?The skill does not link to an external account ?The skill stored the child’s preference byuserId?The skill has a valid privacy policy link in the skill Distribution pageGiven this information, why will the skill fail certification?

A. The Builder did not upload a privacy policy document  
B. Child-directed skills cannot use location information  
C. The child’suserIdcannot be used because of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) restrictions. 
D. The skill should not be child-directed as it can be used by children over 13 years old.  


Question # 2

During testing of a new Amazon Alexa skill, the skill is repeatedly failing and invokingthe function defined intheaddErrorHandlermethod specified on theSkillBuilderobject. Upon inspection of AmazonCloudWatch Logs, the Alexa Skill Builder establishes that the failure is occurring wheneverAMAZON.HelpIntentis being received.How should this error be corrected? 

A. AMAZON.HelpIntentshould be handled by the SDK. The Builder should raise a support ticket with Amazon. 
B. The Builder should ensure that the intent handler is coded so that ittests forAMAZON.HelpIntentin itscanHandlemethod, and when detected, returnstrue
C. The Builder should add logic to provide help instructions to the function defined intheaddErrorHandler method specified on theSkillBuilderobject.  
D. The Builder should add anAMAZON.HelpIntententry to the interaction model to ensure the request forhelp is recognized by the skill.  


Question # 3

An Alexa Skill Builder is creating a skill that requires the user to authenticate by speaking aPIN before anorder status can be retrieved.According to best practices, how should the PIN value be collected?

A. UseAMAZON.SearchQuery  
C. Use multiple slots of typeAMAZON.NUMBER  
D. Use a custom slot with zero to nine as values.  


Question # 4

An Alexa Skill Builder is creating a skill that will identify an actor who spoke a famous piece of movie dialog, given just the dialog text and an optional movie name. The Builder created theFindActorIntentas shown below, but Amazon Alexa returns an error when it builds the model.  Why is Alexa failing to build the model?  

A. Intents can have one built-in slot type only  
B. All sample utterances within an intent should have both slots  
C. SearchQueryis combined with another intent slot in an utterance.  
D. “Dialog”is a reserved keyword in the Alexa Interaction Model schemA. 


Question # 5

An Alexa Skill Builder is developing a skill containing a multi-turn dialog that can be invokedwith or without a specific intent request. On invocation, the skill needs to retrieve persistent attributes thathave been saved bya previous invocation, and then copy them into session attributes.How should the Builder implement this functionality? 

A. Place logic within the skill’sSessionEndedRequestintent handler to copy thepersistent attributes intothe session attributes.
B. ImplementResponseInterceptorcontaining logic that takes the current persistentattributes andcopies them into session attributes. 
C. Include logic within theLaunchRequestintent handler to retrieve persistent attributes andcopy them intosession attributes
D. ImplementRequestInterceptorcontaining logic which for new sessions,retrieves persistent attributesand copies them into session attributes 



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