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Amazon DBS-C01 Dumps

Amazon AWS Certified Database - Specialty

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Amazon DBS-C01 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company is running a finance application on an Amazon RDS for MySQL DB instance. The application is governed by multiple financial regulatory agencies. The RDS DB instance is set up with security groups to allow access to certain Amazon EC2 servers only. AWS KMS is used for encryption at rest.Which step will provide additional security?

A. Set up NACLs that allow the entire EC2 subnet to access the DB instance
B. Disable the master user account
C. Set up a security group that blocks SSH to the DB instance
D. Set up RDS to use SSL for data in transit


Question # 2

A gaming company has recently acquired a successful iOS game, which is particularly popular during theholiday season. The company has decided to add a leaderboard to the game that uses Amazon DynamoDB.The application load is expected to ramp up over the holiday season.Which solution will meet these requirements at the lowest cost? 

A. DynamoDB Streams
B. DynamoDB with DynamoDB Accelerator
C. DynamoDB with on-demand capacity mode
D. DynamoDB with provisioned capacity mode with Auto Scaling


Question # 3

An IT consulting company wants to reduce costs when operating its development environment databases. The company’s workflow creates multiple Amazon Aurora MySQL DB clusters for each development group. The Aurora DB clusters are only used for 8 hours a day. The DB clusters can then be deleted at the end of the development cycle, which lasts 2 weeks.Which of the following provides the MOST cost-effective solution?

A. Use AWS CloudFormation templates. Deploy a stack with the DB cluster for each development group.Delete the stack at the end of the development cycle.
B. Use the Aurora DB cloning feature. Deploy a single development and test Aurora DB instance, and createclone instances for the development groups. Delete the clones at the end of the development cycle.
C. Use Aurora Replicas. From the master automatic pause compute capacity option, create replicas for eachdevelopment group, and promote each replica to master. Delete the replicas at the end of the developmentcycle.
D. Use Aurora Serverless. Restore current Aurora snapshot and deploy to a serverless cluster for eachdevelopment group. Enable the option to pause the compute capacity on the cluster and set an appropriatetimeout.


Question # 4

A company is concerned about the cost of a large-scale, transactional application using Amazon DynamoDB that only needs to store data for 2 days before it is deleted. In looking at the tables, a Database Specialist notices that much of the data is months old, and goes back to when the application was first deployed. What can the Database Specialist do to reduce the overall cost?

A. Create a new attribute in each table to track the expiration time and create an AWS Glue transformation to delete entries more than 2 days old.
B. Create a new attribute in each table to track the expiration time and enable DynamoDB Streams on each table.
C. Create a new attribute in each table to track the expiration time and enable time to live (TTL) on each table.
D. Create an Amazon CloudWatch Events event to export the data to Amazon S3 daily using AWS Data Pipeline and then truncate the Amazon DynamoDB table.


Question # 5

A Database Specialist is planning to create a read replica of an existing Amazon RDS for MySQL Multi-AZ DB instance. When using the AWS Management Console to conduct this task, the Database Specialist discovers that the source RDS DB instance does not appear in the read replica source selection box, so the read replica cannot be created. What is the most likely reason for this?

A. The source DB instance has to be converted to Single-AZ first to create a read replica from it.
B. Enhanced Monitoring is not enabled on the source DB instance.
C. The minor MySQL version in the source DB instance does not support read replicas.
D. Automated backups are not enabled on the source DB instance.



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