Amazon CLF-C02 dumps

Amazon CLF-C02 Dumps

Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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Amazon CLF-C02 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company is hosting an application in the AWS Cloud. The company wants to verify thatunderlying AWS services and general AWS infrastructure are operating normally.Which combination of AWS services can the company use to gather the requiredinformation? (Select TWO.)

A. AWS Personal Health Dashboard
B. AWS Systems Manager
C. AWS Trusted Advisor
D. AWS Service Health Dashboard
E. AWS Service Catalog


Question # 2

Which AWS service can a company use to visually design and build serverlessapplications?

A. AWS Lambda
B. AWS Batch
C. AWS Application Composer
D. AWS App Runner


Question # 3

A company wants to migrate to AWS and use the same security software it uses onpremises. The security software vendor offers its security software as a service on AWS.Where can the company purchase the security solution?

A. AWS Partner Solutions Finder
B. AWS Support Center
C. AWS Management Console
D. AWS Marketplace


Question # 4

What does the concept of agility mean in AWS Cloud computing? (Select TWO.)

A. The speed at which AWS resources are implemented
B. The speed at which AWS creates new AWS Regions
C. The ability to experiment quickly
D. The elimination of wasted capacity
E. The low cost of entry into cloud computing


Question # 5

A company wants to migrate its on-premises relational databases to the AWS Cloud. Thecompany wants to use infrastructure as close to its current geographical location aspossible.Which AWS service or resource should the company use to select its Amazon RDSdeployment area?

A. Amazon Connect
B. AWS Wavelength
C. AWS Regions
D. AWS Direct Connect


Question # 6

A company wants durable storage for static content and infinitely scalable data storageinfrastructure at the lowest cost.Which AWS service should the company choose?

A. Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
B. Amazon S3
C. AWS Storage Gateway
D. Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)


Question # 7

A company needs to block SQL injection attacks. Which AWS service or feature can meet this requirement?

B. AWS Shield
C. Network ACLs
D. Security groups


Question # 8

Which AWS service could an administrator use to provide desktop environments forseveral employees?

A. AWS Organizations
B. AWS Fargate
D. AWS Workspaces


Question # 9

A company is migrating its applications from on-premises to the AWS Cloud. The companywants to ensure that the applications are assigned only the minimum permissions that areneeded to perform all operations.Which AWS service will meet these requirements'?

A. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
B. Amazon CloudWatch
C. Amazon Macie
D. Amazon GuardDuty


Question # 10

Which options are AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) security perspectivecapabilities? (Select TWO.)

A. Observability
B. Incident and problem management
C. Incident response
D. Infrastructure protection
E. Availability and continuity


Question # 11

Which service enables customers to audit API calls in their AWS accounts'?

A. AWS CloudTrail
B. AWS Trusted Advisor
C. Amazon Inspector
D. AWS X-Ray


Question # 12

A company wants to run a NoSQL database on Amazon EC2 instances.Which task is the responsibility of AWS in this scenario"?

A. Update the guest operating system of the EC2 instances
B. Maintain high availability at the database layer
C. Patch the physical infrastructure that hosts the EC2 instances
D. Configure the security group firewall


Question # 13

A company must be able to develop, test, and launch an application in the AWS Cloudquickly.Which advantage of cloud computing will meet these requirements?

A. Stop guessing capacity
B. Trade fixed expense for variable expense
C. Achieve economies of scale
D. Increase speed and agility


Question # 14

Which AWS service is always provided at no charge?

A. Amazon S3
B. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
C. Elastic Load Balancers


Question # 15

At what support level do users receive access to a support concierge?

A. Basic Support
B. Developer Support
C. Business Support
D. Enterprise Support


Question # 16

A company needs to migrate a PostgreSQL database from on-premises to Amazon RDS.Which AWS service or tool should the company use to meet this requirement?

A. Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool
B. AWS Migration Hub
C. AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS)
D. AWS Application Migration Service


Question # 17

A company wants to run its workload on Amazon EC2 instances for more than 1 year. Thisworkload will run continuously.Which option offers a discounted hourly rate compared to the hourly rate of On-DemandInstances?

A. AWS Graviton processor
B. Dedicated Hosts
C. EC2 Instance Savings Plans
D. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling instances


Question # 18

What can a cloud practitioner use to retrieve AWS security and compliance documents andsubmit them as evidence to an auditor or regulator?

A. AWS Certificate Manager
B. AWS Systems Manager
C. AWS Artifact
D. Amazon Inspector


Question # 19

Which AWS service or feature identifies whether an Amazon S3 bucket or an IAM role hasbeen shared with an external entity?

A. AWS Service Catalog
B. AWS Systems Manager
C. AWS IAM Access Analyzer
D. AWS Organizations


Question # 20

A company has deployed an application in the AWS Cloud. The company wants to ensurethat the application is highly resilient.Which component of AWS infrastructure can the company use to meet this requirement?

A. Content delivery network (CDN)
B. Edge locations
C. Wavelength Zones
D. Availability Zones


Question # 21

Which AWS service or feature allows a user to establish a dedicated network connectionbetween a company's on-premises data center and the AWS Cloud?

A. AWS Direct Connect
B. VPC peering
D. Amazon Route 53


Question # 22

A company wants to allow users to authenticate and authorize multiple AWS accounts byusing a single set of credentials.Which AWS service or resource will meet this requirem

A. AWS Organizations
B. IAM user
C. AWS IAM Identity Center (AWS Single Sign-On)
D. AWS Control Tower


Question # 23

A company is building an application that needs to deliver images and videos globally withminimal latency.Which approach can the company use to accomplish this in a cost effective manner?

A. Deliver the content through Amazon CloudFront.
B. Store the content on Amazon S3 and enable S3 cross-region replication.
C. Implement a VPN across multiple AWS Regions.
D. Deliver the content through AWS PrivateLink.


Question # 24

A company that has multiple business units wants to centrally manage and govern its AWSCloud environments. The company wants to automate the creation of AWS accounts, applyservice control policies (SCPs), and simplify billing processes.Which AWS service or tool should the company use to meet these requirements?

A. AWS Organizations
B. Cost Explorer
C. AWS Budgets
D. AWS Trusted Advisor


Question # 25

Which AWS services can a company use to achieve a loosely coupled architecture?(Select TWO.)

A. Amazon Workspaces
B. Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)
C. Amazon Connect
D. AWS Trusted Advisor
E. AWS Step Functions


Question # 26

What is a customer responsibility when using AWS Lambda according to the AWS sharedresponsibility model?

A. Managing the code within the Lambda function
B. Confirming that the hardware is working in the data center
C. Patching the operating system
D. Shutting down Lambda functions when they are no longer in use


Question # 27

Which characteristic of the AWS Cloud helps users eliminate underutilized CPU capacity'?

A. Agility
B. Elasticity
C. Reliability
D. Durability


Question # 28

A company has a physical tape library to store data backups. The tape library is runningout of space. The company needs to extend the tape library's capacity to the AWS Cloud.Which AWS service should the company use to meet this requirement?

A. Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)
B. Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
C. Amazon S3
D. AWS Storage Gateway


Question # 29

Which mechanism allows developers to access AWS services from application code?

A. AWS Software Development Kit
B. AWS Management Console
C. AWS CodePipeline
D. AWS Config


Question # 30

Which of the following actions are controlled with AWS Identity and Access Management(IAM)? (Select TWO.)

A. Control access to AWS service APIs and to other specific resources.
B. Provide intelligent threat detection and continuous monitoring.
C. Protect the AWS environment using multi-factor authentication (MFA).
D. Grant users access to AWS data centers.
E. Provide firewall protection for applications from common web attacks.


Question # 31

A company wants to migrate its PostgreSQL database to AWS. The company does not usethe database frequently.Which AWS service or resource will meet these requirements with the LEAST managementoverhead?

A. PostgreSQL on Amazon EC2
B. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
C. Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition
D. Amazon Aurora Serverless



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