Amazon SOA-C02 dumps

Amazon SOA-C02 Dumps

Amazon AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate (SOA-C02)

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Amazon SOA-C02 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A SysOps administrator has launched a large general purpose Amazon EC2 instance to regularly process large data files. The instance has an attached 1 TB General PurposeSSD (gp2) Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume. The instance also is EBSoptimized. To save costs, the SysOps administrator stops the instance each evening and restarts the instance each morning.When data processing is active, Amazon CloudWatch metrics on the instance show a consistent 3.000 VolumeReadOps. The SysOps administrator must improve the I/Operformance while ensuring data integrity.Which action will meet these requirements?

A. Change the instance type to a large, burstable, general purpose instance. 
B. Change the instance type to an extra large general purpose instance. 
C. Increase the EBS volume to a 2 TB General Purpose SSD (gp2) volume. 
D. Move the data that resides on the EBS volume to the instance store. 


Question # 2

A SysOps administrator noticed that the cache hit ratio for an Amazon CloudFront distribution is less than 10%.Which collection of configuration changes will increase the cache hit ratio for the distribution? (Select TWO.)

A. Ensure that only required cookies, query strings, and headers are forwarded in the Cache Behavior Settings. 
B. Change the Viewer Protocol Policy to use HTTPS only. 
C. Configure the distribution to use presigned cookies and URLs to restrict access to the distribution. 
D. Enable automatic compression of objects in the Cache Behavior Settings. 
E. Increase the CloudFront time to live (TTL) settings in the Cache Behavior Settings. 


Question # 3

A company has deployed AWS Security Hub and AWS Config in a newly implemented organization in AWS Organizations. A SysOps administrator must implement a solution torestrict all member accounts in the organization from deploying Amazon EC2 resources in the ap-southeast-2 Region. The solution must be implemented from a single point andmust govern an current and future accounts. The use of root credentials also must be restricted in member accounts.Which AWS feature should the SysOps administrator use to meet these requirements?

A. AWS Config aggregator 
B. IAM user permissions boundaries 
C. AWS Organizations service control policies (SCPs) 
D. AWS Security Hub conformance packs 


Question # 4

A company has a stateless application that runs on four Amazon EC2 instances. The application requires tour instances at all times to support all traffic. A SysOps administratormust design a highly available, fault-tolerant architecture that continually supports all traffic if one Availability Zone becomes unavailable.Which configuration meets these requirements?

A. Deploy two Auto Scaling groups in two Availability Zones with a minimum capacity of two instances in each group. 
B. Deploy an Auto Scaling group across two Availability Zones with a minimum capacity of four instances. 
C. Deploy an Auto Scaling group across three Availability Zones with a minimum capacity of four instances. 
D. Deploy an Auto Scaling group across three Availability Zones with a minimum capacity of six instances. 


Question # 5

A SysOps administrator is helping a development team deploy an application to AWS Trie AWS CloudFormat on temp ate includes an Amazon Linux EC2 Instance an AmazonAurora DB cluster and a hard coded database password that must be rotated every 90 daysWhat is the MOST secure way to manage the database password?

A. Use the AWS SecretsManager Secret resource with the GenerateSecretString property to automatically generate a password Use the AWS SecretsManager RotationScheduleresource lo define a rotation schedule lor the password Configure the application to retrieve the secret from AWS Secrets Manager access the database 
B. Use me AWS SecretsManager Secret resource with the SecretStrmg property Accept a password as a CloudFormation parameter Use the AllowedPatteen property of theCloudFormaton parameter to require e minimum length, uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters Configure me application to retrieve the secret from AWS SecretsManager to access the database 
C. Use the AWS SSM Parameter resource Accept input as a Qoudformatton parameter to store the parameter as a secure sting Configure the application to retrieve the parameterfrom AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store to access the database 
D. Use me AWS SSM Parameter resource Accept input as a Cloudf ormetton parameter to store the parameter as a string Configure the application to retrieve the parameter fromAWS Systems Manager Parameter Store to access the database 



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