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Amazon SCS-C02 Dumps

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Amazon SCS-C02 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company is building an application on IAM that will store sensitive Information. Thecompany has a support team with access to the IT infrastructure, including databases. Thecompany's security engineer must introduce measures to protect the sensitive data againstany data breach while minimizing management overhead. The credentials must beregularly rotated.What should the security engineer recommend?

A. Enable Amazon RDS encryption to encrypt the database and snapshots. EnableAmazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) encryption on Amazon EC2 instances. Includethe database credential in the EC2 user data field. Use an IAM Lambda function to rotatedatabase credentials. Set up TLS for the connection to the database.
B. Install a database on an Amazon EC2 Instance. Enable third-party disk encryption toencrypt the Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume. Store the databasecredentials in IAM CloudHSM with automatic rotation. Set up TLS for the connection to thedatabase.
C. Enable Amazon RDS encryption to encrypt the database and snapshots. EnableAmazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) encryption on Amazon EC2 instances. Storethe database credentials in IAM Secrets Manager with automatic rotation. Set up TLS forthe connection to the RDS hosted database.
D. Set up an IAM CloudHSM cluster with IAM Key Management Service (IAM KMS) tostore KMS keys. Set up Amazon RDS encryption using IAM KMS to encrypt the database.Store database credentials in the IAM Systems Manager Parameter Store with automaticrotation. Set up TLS for the connection to the RDS hosted database.


Question # 2

A company's security engineer is developing an incident response plan to detectsuspicious activity in an AWS account for VPC hosted resources. The security engineerneeds to provide visibility for as many AWS Regions as possible.Which combination of steps will meet these requirements MOST cost-effectively? (SelectTWO.)

A. Turn on VPC Flow Logs for all VPCs in the account.
B. Activate Amazon GuardDuty across all AWS Regions.
C. Activate Amazon Detective across all AWS Regions.
D. Create an Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) topic. Create an AmazonEventBridge rule that responds to findings and publishes the find-ings to the SNS topic.
E. Create an AWS Lambda function. Create an Amazon EventBridge rule that in-vokes theLambda function to publish findings to Amazon Simple Email Ser-vice (Amazon SES).


Question # 3

A company is developing a highly resilient application to be hosted on multiple AmazonEC2 instances . The application will store highly sensitive user data in Amazon RDS tablesThe application must• Include migration to a different IAM Region in the application disaster recovery plan.• Provide a full audit trail of encryption key administration events• Allow only company administrators to administer keys.• Protect data at rest using application layer encryptionA Security Engineer is evaluating options for encryption key managementWhy should the Security Engineer choose IAM CloudHSM over IAM KMS for encryptionkey management in this situation?

A. The key administration event logging generated by CloudHSM is significantly moreextensive than IAM KMS.
B. CloudHSM ensures that only company support staff can administer encryption keys,whereas IAM KMS allows IAM staff to administer keys
C. The ciphertext produced by CloudHSM provides more robust protection against bruteforce decryption attacks than the ciphertext produced by IAM KMS
D. CloudHSM provides the ability to copy keys to a different Region, whereas IAM KMSdoes not


Question # 4

A company wants to protect its website from man in-the-middle attacks by using AmazonCloudFront. Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST operationaloverhead?

A. Use the SimpleCORS managed response headers policy.
B. Use a Lambda@Edge function to add the Strict-Transport-Security response header.
C. Use the SecurityHeadersPolicy managed response headers policy.
D. Include the X-XSS-Protection header in a custom response headers policy.


Question # 5

A company's security engineer wants to receive an email alert whenever AmazonGuardDuty, AWS Identity and Access Management Access Analyzer, or Amazon Madegenerate a high-severity security finding. The company uses AWS Control Tower to governall of its accounts. The company also uses AWS Security Hub with all of the AWS serviceintegrations turned on.Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST operational overhead?

A. Set up separate AWS Lambda functions for GuardDuty, 1AM Access Analyzer, andMacie to call each service's public API to retrieve high-severity findings. Use AmazonSimple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) to send the email alerts. Create an AmazonEventBridge rule to invoke the functions on a schedule.
B. Create an Amazon EventBridge rule with a pattern that matches Security Hub findingsevents with high severity. Configure the rule to send the findings to a target Amazon SimpleNotification Service (Amazon SNS) topic. Subscribe the desired email addresses to theSNS topic.
C. Create an Amazon EventBridge rule with a pattern that matches AWS Control Towerevents with high severity. Configure the rule to send the findings to a target Amazon SimpleNotification Service (Amazon SNS) topic. Subscribe the desired email addresses to theSNS topic.
D. Host an application on Amazon EC2 to call the GuardDuty, 1AM Access Analyzer, and Macie APIs. Within the application, use the Amazon Simple Notification Service (AmazonSNS) API to retrieve high-severity findings and to send the findings to an SNS topic.Subscribe the desired email addresses to the SNS topic.



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