Amazon SAA-C03 dumps

Amazon SAA-C03 Dumps

Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C03)

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Amazon SAA-C03 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company observes an increase in Amazon EC2 costs in its most recent bill The billing team notices unwanted vertical scaling of instance types for a couple of EC2 instances A solutions architect needs to create a graph comparing the last 2 months of EC2 costs and perform an in-depth analysis to identify the root cause of the vertical scaling How should the solutions architect generate the information with the LEAST operational overhead?

A. Use AWS Budgets to create a budget report and compare EC2 costs based on instance types 
B. Use Cost Explorer's granular filtering feature to perform an in-depth analysis of EC2 costs based on instance types
C. Use graphs from the AWS Billing and Cost Management dashboard to compare EC2 costs based on instance types for the last 2 months
D. Use AWS Cost and Usage Reports to create a report and send it to an Amazon S3 bucket Use Amazon QuickSight with Amazon S3 as a source to generate an interactive graph based on instance types. 


Question # 2

A company recently signed a contract with an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner for help with an application migration initiative. A solutions architect needs to share an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from an existing AWS account with the MSP Partner's AWS account. The AMI is backed by Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) and uses a customer managed customer master key (CMK) to encrypt EBS volume snapshots. What is the MOST secure way for the solutions architect to share the AMI with the MSP Partner's AWS account? 

A. Make the encrypted AMI and snapshots publicly available. Modify the CMK's key policy to allow the MSP Partner's AWS account to use the key 
B. Modify the launchPermission property of the AMI. Share the AMI with the MSP Partner's AWS account only. Modify the CMK's key policy to allow the MSP Partner's AWS account to use the key.
C. Modify the launchPermission property of the AMI Share the AMI with the MSP Partner's AWS accoun only. Modify the CMK's key policy to trust a new CMK that is owned by the MSP Partner for encryption.
D. Export the AMI from the source account to an Amazon S3 bucket in the MSP Partner's AWS account. Encrypt the S3 bucket with a CMK that is owned by the MSP Partner Copy and launch the AMI in the MSP Partner's AWS account.


Question # 3

A company needs guaranteed Amazon EC2 capacity in three specific Availability Zones in a specific AWS Region for an upcoming event that will last 1 week. What should the company do to guarantee the EC2 capacity? 

A. Purchase Reserved instances that specify the Region needed
B. Create an On Demand Capacity Reservation that specifies the Region needed
C. Purchase Reserved instances that specify the Region and three Availability Zones needed
D. Create an On-Demand Capacity Reservation that specifies the Region and three Availability Zones needed


Question # 4

A company needs to review its AWS Cloud deployment to ensure that its Amazon S3 buckets do not have unauthorized configuration changes. What should a solutions architect do to accomplish this goal?

A. Turn on AWS Config with the appropriate rules.
B. Turn on AWS Trusted Advisor with the appropriate checks.
C. Turn on Amazon Inspector with the appropriate assessment template.
D. Turn on Amazon S3 server access logging. Configure Amazon EventBridge (Amazon Cloud Watch Events).


Question # 5

A company uses a popular content management system (CMS) for its corporate website. However, the required patching and maintenance are burdensome. The company is redesigning its website and wants anew solution. The website will be updated four times a year and does not need to have any dynamic content available. The solution must provide high scalability and enhanced security. Which combination of changes will meet these requirements with the LEAST operational overhead? (Choose two.)

A. Deploy an AWS WAF web ACL in front of the website to provide HTTPS functionality
B. Create and deploy an AWS Lambda function to manage and serve the website content
C. Create the new website and an Amazon S3 bucket Deploy the website on the S3 bucket with static website hosting enabled
D. Create the new website. Deploy the website by using an Auto Scaling group of Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer.



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