Amazon Data-Engineer-Associate dumps

Amazon Data-Engineer-Associate Dumps

Amazon AWS Certified Data Engineer - Associate (DEA-C01)

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Amazon Data-Engineer-Associate Sample Questions

Question # 1

A data engineer needs to securely transfer 5 TB of data from an on-premises data center to an Amazon S3 bucket. Approximately 5% of the data changes every day. Updates to the data need to be regularlyproliferated to the S3 bucket. The data includes files that are in multiple formats. The data engineer needs to automate the transfer process and must schedule the process to run periodically.Which AWS service should the data engineer use to transfer the data in the MOST operationally efficient way?

A. AWS DataSync
B. AWS Glue
C. AWS Direct Connect
D. Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration


Question # 2

A company uses Amazon RDS for MySQL as the database for a critical application. The database workload is mostly writes, with a small number of reads.A data engineer notices that the CPU utilization of the DB instance is very high. The high CPU utilization is slowing down the application. The data engineer must reduce the CPU utilization of the DB Instance.Which actions should the data engineer take to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

A. Use the Performance Insights feature of Amazon RDS to identify queries that have high CPU utilization. Optimize the problematic queries.
B. Modify the database schema to include additional tables and indexes.
C. Reboot the RDS DB instance once each week.
D. Upgrade to a larger instance size.
E. Implement caching to reduce the database query load.


Question # 3

A company uses an Amazon QuickSight dashboard to monitor usage of one of the company's applications. The company uses AWS Glue jobs to process data for the dashboard. The company stores the data in a single Amazon S3 bucket. The company adds new data every day.A data engineer discovers that dashboard queries are becoming slower over time. The data engineer determines that the root cause of the slowing queries is long-running AWS Glue jobs.Which actions should the data engineer take to improve the performance of the AWS Glue jobs? (Choose two.)

A. Partition the data that is in the S3 bucket. Organize the data by year, month, and day. atures.
B. Increase the AWS Glue instance size by scaling up the worker type.
C. Convert the AWS Glue schema to the DynamicFrame schema class.
D. Adjust AWS Glue job scheduling frequency so the jobs run half as many times each day.


Question # 4

A data engineer needs to use AWS Step Functions to design an orchestration workflow. The workflow must parallel process a large collection of data files and apply a specific transformation to each file.Which Step Functions state should the data engineer use to meet these requirements?

A. Parallel state
B. Choice state
C. Map state
D. Wait state


Question # 5

A data engineer needs to use an Amazon QuickSight dashboard that is based on Amazon Athena queries on data that is stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. When the data engineer connects to the QuickSight dashboard, the data engineer receives an error message that indicates insufficient permissions.Which factors could cause to the permissions-related errors? (Choose two.)

A. There is no connection between QuickSgqht and Athena.
B. The Athena tables are not cataloged.
C. QuickSiqht does not have access to the S3 bucket.
D. QuickSight does not have access to decrypt S3 data.
E. There is no 1AM role assigned to QuickSiqht.



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